We Need Your Help! (Please)

The background:

Hundreds of amazing people are part of Galvanize, hiding gifts and finding gifts hidden for them.

The problem:

The first screens of Galvanize, our log-in and join screens, need some love.

They’re fugly. (We also really want to build the Android version! That’s next.) While we’re still testing and in a public alpha stage, everyone wants to use Galvanize as a real service. This is a wonderful problem, except…

Why It’s Urgent:

We have heard that one of our members wants to use Galvanize to propose on Valentine’s Day. We need to make sure the app works perfectly for the proposal!

How You Can Help:

We’re small (it’s Kristen working on this, with some help from Cameron).

We’re scrappy (we are bootstrapping Galvanize with Kristen’s savings).

We really need a developer that could give us a little or a lot of time. We can pay a little bit + give lots of credit online to this amazing person.

This person could become a technical co-founder, but we know how very busy all the awesome developers always are.

If you know anyone who can do some iPhone work in the next two weeks (it takes a little time to submit an update to the app store, so we need to allow for that), please let us know?

You can send an email to: kristen@galvanize.us

Besides having our eternal gratitude, Kristen will cook you dinner the next time you are in NY! (We promise she knows how to cook and this is a good reward.)

Thanks in advance. Let’s make the V Day proposal happen!

Questions? Thoughts?

25 January 2011 ·

First Galvanize update up in the iPhone store!

So happy to announce that our first iPhone update for Galvanize is up in the store.

The most exciting news is that we now support iOS 3.0. You asked and we heard you!

We are especially glad to hear that those of you who have been waiting to download Galvanize are ready to join us now.

In this update, we also added a way to change your password and send yourself the password from the log-in screen:

We have added your beautiful images of your found gifts to the Finds tab:


And now the hint on the map pops up in a little window for you:

We’re back at work on the next round of Galvanize, and we love to hear from you!

Let us know your thoughts on our Get Satisfaction page or @galvanizeus on Twitter.

See you out there!

1 November 2010 ·

About Me

Galvanize is a game for you to hide and find real gifts with your friends in your neighborhood.

Want to play? We like you already. Download from the iPhone app store (more platforms coming 2011!)

Let us know how we can make it better.

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